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WOW….8 years ago and this

WOW….8 years ago and this is the first time I’ve actually even seen these pics of my Camero that 4th of July night my son and his friend escaped within minutes of the car exploding leaving NOTHING but my BIBLE and my CROSS that was hanging in my rear view mirror..both were the ONLY thing left other than the frame of the car..EVERYTHING as you can tell in second pic was COMPLETELY BURNED! The enemy has been after my son Chad since the day He was Conceived!! Being told til my 3rd month that there was NO LIFE to many other small things in between the major events that the enemy has TRIED his best to take him out of this world.. BUT GOD…whose words I’ve heard from the moment I KNEW I was Pregnant…”THIS CHILD WILL BE GREAT” keeps him protected and LIVING his testimony out til TIME he steps into where God is calling him!
That night as Chad was being awakened by an angelic women God sent to wake him and his friend up to get out of the car before it exploded..he said, “Oh God HELP I need my phone..I gotta call my momma ..his phone began to ring somewhere in a ditch across from the BURNING CAR..when Chad got to the phone he thought it was my number but it hung up so he pushed redial but the number said not a working number so he found my number and I met them at the hospital never seeing the car or pics til now when a friend fwkt Chad was strong enough from the last accident to handle seeing them afraid it may trigger emotions or unhealed memories! Ironically we looked at this number that rang his phone when he found it to call me just to see if we could figure out who it might of been …I looked at it and I thought what it might say if I decided to put it into our amazement the number calling was GOD HIMSELF…463-945-4357…
Just thought I might share tonight of how BLESSED I am to KNOW my children are COVERED by the BLOOD of CHRIST & because I CHOSE to BELIEVE the WORDS spoken over my son so many years ago even before his Birth on earth..he is STILL here constantly fighting the enemy who NIPS at his heels daily to keep him bound in grief and pain BUT one day HE WILL BE ALL THAT GOD HAS CALLED HIM TO BE because JESUS SAID SO!! I love you Chad Beeson!

Mary Brown

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