Bro Andy Wand

There are many wonderful things I can say about this man of God. My testimony about Bro Wand goes back to when my children were young. Way back when his family were evangelizing on the Sawdust Trails. I first heard him preach in my youth and followed his ministry over the years. I always loved his down to earth preaching.

He always called sin by its name.

If Bro Andy Wand and his precious wife had not walked into our lives when they did I don’t know where we would be today. He taught us so much. He Rebuked me when needed and Pastored us always. I will always be grateful for this. The world lost a great man when he passed.

I want to carry on the things he taught me and seek to save all the lost souls God sends our way. He told me to go out in the “Highway and Hedges” preaching “Healings and Miracles” and that’s what we will do.

We want the world to know who this special man of God was. Andy Wand is a down-home guitarist, composer and songwriter. Andy has played and composed with artists such as Rick Derringer, Reggie Vincent, and many other local greats. His music is prophetic and spiritually inspired. It has brought faith, hope, and healing to people around the world.

Andy’s music will continue to be a blessing to all who hear it!

Andy Wand’s Music

Bro Marvin Hicks