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When the savior, reached Down, for

When the savior, reached
Down, for me,
When He reached way
Down for me. I was lost and
Undone, without God.
When He reached down
His hand for me.

I was raised in this truth. And I loved God as far back as I can remember. But I was baptized when I was 11yrs old. I didn’t receive the Holy Ghost until I was 23 yrs. old. And that takes me to the time I received the holy ghost. The church where I was attending (BRO R.B. Bingham, was the Pastor) we were in a revival. Very good service. And at that time, we had a revival all week. Well, the weekend came, and it was a Saturday night service. And as usual not a lot of people there. It was one of those dead services. Where it felt like God was on vacation. But they gave an alter call. And I had Been praying for months every service for the Holy Ghost. I really didn’t want to go to the alter. The devil said, you aren’t going to get the Holy Ghost in this dead service. I almost listened to him. But I went up. I wasn’t feeling a thing. But as dead as I was. God filled me with the the Holy Ghost. I mean He filled me. I spoke in tongues for a long time. No one had to tell me I got. OH no, I knew I had it. And you know what? Praise God, I still have it. Hallelujah. This was 54 yrs ago. Folks, God is as real today as He was back then. He has healed me. I have miracles of healing in my body. I could go on and on telling you of the Goodness of my God. Oh, how I love Him!!!!!

Doris Orr

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