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This happened to me as

This happened to me as a kid:

My sister had that week received her driver’s license, and wanted to go meet a boy that she would later date.

I tagged along with her.

We had car trouble halfway there. The car was overheating, as a hose had busted.

My sister exited the highway and pulled into an empty parking lot down the service road.

She said she was going to stay with the car in case someone came by that would help, and asked me to walk the approximate mile or so down the service road to the 7/11 to use a payphone and call our parents.

It was summer and very hot as I was walking. I had no water and got tired quick.

It was a Sunday. There were no businesses open along the service road.

I started walking past a wooded area, and an ominous feeling came over me.

About that time, a car drove into view. It was black and white like a police car, with orange lights on top.

It was beat up and scratched up, and had no numbers on it like a real police car.

The car pulled sideways, blocking the entire road, and stopped right in front of me.

A man got out of the car. He was tall, slender, blond, had on a white dress shirt, black jeans, cowboy boots, and a huge belt buckle.

He flashed a badge to me.

He started telling me several things trying to get me into his car.

Such as:

I have water in my car. Are you thirsty?

I will give you a ride.

If you get in the car, you can use my radio to get help.

I knew he wasn’t a cop. I started backing away from him.

He just kept walking closer to me.

And I was backing up into a wooded area.

Knowing I could not let him get me into the woods, I started walking to his car.

During this time, I was looking at the elevated highway. From the angle, no cars could see me, and I could not see them.

There was no homes around the service road. Just closed businesses.

Not a soul to see me.

I was sad that I would probably never get to walk through the door of my home again.

I decided I would get in his car and try to jump out of the car when we drove into an area with people.

I got to his door, and was about to get in when God sent angels.

Out of nowhere, a car appeared.

And four ladies with long uncut hair and long skirts were already standing outside of the car.

And they told me to not go with the man. And they said the man was no cop.

The man got out of there quickly.

I got in the backseat of the ladies car.

I sat between two in the back.

The ladies just kept saying, “”Glory to God!”

They drove me to my sister.

And a man from the church my family had just backsliding from was there, and had already fixed the car with a straw and paper clip.

One of the ladies told my sister I was almost kidnapped.

My sister and I hugged and cried, and the ladies vanished as quick as they came.

Susan Hailey

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