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Sister Allison Krauss Visit

We had a wonderful visit tonight with Sister Alison Krauss.
We had VIP passes to the show and was accompanied by Sister Terrie Diamond and her father Sam.
The four of us visited with Sister Krauss backstage and met some of her crew.
We had a great time together.
We had the opportunity to minister briefly to her about some things with the little time they had to pack up and make the next show.
She said the next stop was on the other side of Atlanta, Ga around a 700 mile trip. They must get really worn out on these tours. We gave her a small Bible to keep with her at all times.
She was very humble and very pleasant to talk to. Just down to earth as you can get.
I ask for all our prayer warriors to pray for Alison Krauss and her whole crew. Pray a hedge of safety around each and everyone of them as they travel on the 2019 tour. God blessed her with a wonderful and lovely voice. We pray that she gets everything she needs from Jesus Christ. We give special thanks to Sister Emma Wand for making all this possible. She is a very special person herself,full of the Holy Ghost and Power.
I also ask everyone to keep her and her family in your prayers. She lost her husband and our Pastor recently and we are all continuing in this ministry he left behind for us as an example to others. Praise God and remember to follow the common gospel that was once delivered to the Saints of long ago. Acts chapter 2 would be a good starting place if your looking for the plan of salvation. Please pray for us as we will for everyone. It’s exactly what God wants us to do. He loves hearing from his children. May God abundantly bless each and everyone of you that strive to fulfill the things of Jesus Christ.

Bro Fred Fory, Sis Alison Krauss, Sis Karen Fory

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