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Posted by: Tammy Holman Tompkins

Very Touching Testimony

My father in law came down with Alzheimer’s in 2005. It was the little things at first that we noticed. He was a veteran. He retired with the Army and Army National Guard. He was over a troop. He also retired with civil service in IL. He was very articulate. Everything was put away. Cloths folded to a T etc. He was helping my husband change the spark plugs on his 66 Dodge Charger. Instead of doing one at a time, old for new, he pulled them all off while Terry my husband was looking for a tool. It took my husband longer at that point. He was also mixing up the tools. By this time they were retired. They wintered in FL, in fifth wheels. My mom in law would find him turning on the stove burners and put the steel cover back down over the burners. He burned up several coffee makers etc. They came to see us every summer. He left her luggage at the hotel once, he lost his way and was backing down a ramp. I could go on. They then started to fly here instead. He had a hard time staying in his seat. In 2010 they flew to Maine and he had terrible sun downing. About 4:00 he would pull close all the curtains, etc. play with my burners etc. He had a seizure and ended up at the hospital. The day came for them to head to the airport. He lost it. We went to the ER and he told us, I’m scared. He never went back home to ILLINOIS. He ended up at a veterans home here in Maine. The doctors took a sample of his sweat on the sheets. He was diagnosed with a strain that was a very fast moving strain. Was you are diagnosed with it, you has 6 months to live. He went downhill at a fast clip. He was gone in 6 months time. God was so good. Marvin was a gentleman, he was kind, but above all, he was full of the Holy Ghost, baptized in Jesus Name in his 20’s. Not one curse word ever came out of him mouth. God was Good. It took 6 long days for him. The whole time he was awake. The Lord opened his spiritual eyes and he was seeing heaven. His eyes just kept moving, he kept saying oooo awwwww, and pointing towards the ceiling. On Friday afternoon I was alone with grandpa. I said grandpa do you know who I am, blink your eyes, he did. I said grandpa you know my mom is in heaven, when you see her, give her a hug for me and tell her we love her and will see her soon. Will you do that? He blinked his eyes. Our pastor and pastors wife came over and we were singing and he was reading bible scriptures on seeing heaven. He got excited and was pointing heavenward. The Lord took him home at 9:05. He had a veterans send off casket our flag draped coffin. It was beautiful. We miss him.

Sis Tammy Holman Tompkins

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