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Life is so heavy.

Life is so heavy. But no matter how heavy it is right now. I look back and see how bound I was, how stupid I looked and how I was dyn a slow death and playn Russian roulette with my life everytime I loaded that shot, pipe or did them pills, got in that vehicle high or whatever I did that took me away from the reality of what my life was and jus put my fate in the hands of the devil. But now, now I’m free. Now I have a made up mind. I have a Revelation of what the truth is. How precious and real and blessed I am to know this truth!! The transformation that the Holy Ghost does is mind blowing. Even being raised in this truth and seeing others stories of where they came from is mind blowing and jus makes me in awe of Jesus that much more. ♥️I share these side by sides cuz I want people to see and know the difference it can and will make in their life. Yes even the ones where I look stupid when I was high. Cuz newsflash everyone looks stupid high. Period! I have many many people reach out to me. And it is desire to give hope to those that feel hopeless. And this is ALL ALL ALL because of Jesus! I also share for myself and the battles I’m goin through only God knows about because we are overcomers thru our testimony!! I got through this because of Jesus & & my mommas prayers! The ones I kno battling it and all the other evil things that come with it depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or tendencies, cutting, Whatever it is. No matter the darkness God is ALWAYS working!!! So mommas, cover your babies in his blood and let him fight the battle for you. I’m still learning how to let go completely and let God fight the battle for me. But I kno the trials I face in church with Jesus, Is not even a comparison to the ones I faced lost and on my way to hell!! Cover them in prayer ALWAYS because none of us start out to become an Addict!! Be encouraged!! Jesus does heal and deliver. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever!! I should be in the grave… BUT GOD!!! #mystoryGodsglory #thatswhatJesusdoes #notashamed #ApostolicPentecostal From track marks to testimony! From being high to a higher calling!!

Jenn Maddox

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