It’s Been A Great Week Recently

It’s Been A Great Week.
Recently, I went in to my doctor for a yearly check up. First one I ever had. My blood pressure was 140. For almost two years the mediations have not worked. My blood pressure remained between 185 and 215. Even with taking five pills a day it still remained in this range. I swapped pharmacies and boom, it was down to normal within about a week. The doctor explained that not all generic medication is the same. They all have the same main ingredients but each company has their own delivery mechanisms. Some work for most but not for everyone. My new pharmacy has medication from a different manufacture and a different delivery mechanism that worked almost immediately on me. Simply amazing.

I will be focusing more on my blood pressure in the future to bring it down naturally but this was a very good thing for me and my health this week. Thank you very much for your continued prayers concerning my blood pressure.

I was able to lease 53 acres of timber land up in the mountains to hunt on and to have a place to just go and get away. Total silence from the world. A place to rest, pray and camp away from all the hassle of this world. This is a part of trying to help my family learn to live more off the land and be more self sustainable. Deer meat and more deer meat. A place in the wild almost untouched by man to entertain guest.

Then there was the Bible Study Friday night that was a huge success.

Our Bible Study last night was about three groups of people in the book of Acts. One group knew nothing at all about Baptism in Jesus name for the remission of their sins. One group knew nothing about the Holy Ghost and one group didn’t know anything about the plan of salvation at all.

Millions are baptized without ever really considering what the Bible has to say about it. It was an awesome study with results as both men want baptized this coming Sabbath.

The thing that probably amazes me the most is that God gave me the hour and a half long Bible Study early Friday morning in about thirty seconds. Most would probably be amazed that I didn’t even look it up or read the verses until we gave the lesson. I praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the gifts He has bestowed upon me.

It was a tough week at the nursery. Sales are steady and good but are declining because it’s that time of year.

Help is disappearing to. All of my helpers are planning to be gone by around June first. This will leave me by myself to handle a large and greatly expanded operation. Pray the Lord Jesus sends the right help. We almost have everything planted and mulched. We have most of the irrigation system in and working. I am getting to meet lots of new people through the nursery. It is really amazing how our Lord has brought all this about.

Recently, I went in to my doctor for a yearly check up. They took blood for test. My daughter Sarah listened on my speaker phone as the nurse called to give me the results. My vitamin D was a little low. Hard to believe since I am out in the Sun so much but I do believe in covering up from head to toe lol.

Everything seem to be fine except my blood sugar was a little bit high. Not bad, just a little. She said, “if it keeps going that way it might develop into diabetes on down the road.”

What this nurse didn’t know is that first I had just cheated a little in my sugar diet right before going in to see them so I expected it to be a little high.

This apparently was a new nurse that did not know my story. She didn’t know I was the one that’s sugar was off the chart two years ago when the ambulance picked me up. 600 is as high as their chart goes and I was higher that that. I was the one two years ago that they prescribed Metformin pills and insulin shots to take everyday. I was the one they told would be on this stuff for the rest of my life because they had got to me way to late. I am the one that listened to them but chose to walk out the hospital doors and through away both the insulin and Metformin and with the grace and help of God all my sugar with it. My daughter looked over at me and said , “you have healed your diabetes through your diet.” All I can say is I PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. It’s been a great week.

Dale Collins


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    Bro Fred Fory says:

    Very good testimony. Thank you for sharing Brother Collins

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