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In 2006-2008 I was

In 2006-2008 I was having lots of various types of symptoms.
Many doctor visits over a couple of years.
They said it was allergies , it was the flu, it was acid reflux etc.
Finally I was told I had a cut or scratch on my pancreas.
I asked how does a pancreas get a scratch or cut.
Then I was told the truth, I had a cyst on my pancreas, I had pancreatic cancer.
I was scheduled for surgery mid august 2008.

Meanwhile, my symptoms grew worse.
We lived in California, I was at home & my wife was in Texas visiting relatives.
One particular night I was really sick,
I called my HMO, but they wouldn’t send a ambulance because of some technicality in my insurance, or at least that’s what I understood.
I was delirious.
Didn’t know what night it was, which was church night & I didn’t even know it.
I called my neighbor & woke him up, & apologized for parking in his place, when he wasn’t even there, he was at his other home, 40 something miles away.
My wife called & realized what condition I was in.
She called the church & told someone there.
After church our pastor, Rev. Joel Bryant, the youth leader, Bro Phillip Salgado, & the bass guitar player Bro Gary Riley came to pray for me.
Immediately, in one second or even less all the delirium went away.
I felt the sickness leave my body.
It was similar to being hot, thirsty & sweaty on a muggy summer day & then being immediately cooled with thirst quenching ice water.
The mental change was so profound.
It was delirium one second & crystal clear consciousness the next.
I tried to explain these feelings to them, we all thanked Jesus for His healing me, then they said they wanted something to drink & I told them to help themselves.
We visited, talked man church stuff & they went home.

Doctors said the cyst-scar thing was still there, so I had the surgery.
A week later, the biopsy results came back.
The surgeon was a little perturbed.
He asked me how I felt, I said great.
He said, well if we had known the results were going to be like this we wouldn’t have done the surgery.

You & I both know God doesn’t heal everyone, why he heals some or doesn’t heal others.
But, we also both know, God is THE healer.

Joseph LaGrone

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