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I’m just going to share

I’m just going to share some thoughts if you don’t mind. It’s a long sad story with a beautiful ending.

I came from a very hard background.. Raised hard having to fight for my life all my life. No real guidance, No Godliness, No Holiness in my family, fighting, drunken uncle’s and other family members, namely my Bio. father. By the time I was 15 years old, I was kicked out, pregnant and chose to live with my step father for a while. I have lived my whole life here in Tulsa, basically in the Same area. I was 14 when I got Baptized in JESUS name by Elder Bro. Bass.
I came and went.
Why? Because there was NO structure in my life.

All I knew was to wear dresses and don’t cut my hair. That was It!

We were Trash can Kids!!

After I had my Child the Oklahoma Department Human services took him and because I was so young they took me too.

There was a Time when I lived with my Oldest Sons Father, but as it was, he was an Alcoholic too and threw me out in the middle of the night with no place to go…

In those days they didn’t have the youth services that are available today.

And so, While I sat on the corner of Cheyenne & Independence sitting on my suit case hoping my son’s father would tell me to come back in, a car pulled up and asked me if I was for sale…
😳 For just a split second, I considered my opinion and then declined.

I found an Abandoned house across the street from the Church at 606 N. Denver. I opened a window, shoved my suitcase in the window, climbed in and got out of the cold.

The utilities were still on, the fridge had some old hot links in it and a place to lay down for the night.

I can’t count the many times in my life during my younger years that the Jaws of Satan could have taken me down a much more horrible life.

Thank God for the small refuges that I did get in those days.

I got my son back when I turned 18 and Life went on without the Lord.

I tried to attend a West Tulsa Church, but because I was Still a Trash can Kid I was politely told to leave.

He really didn’t give me an absolute reason, he mentioned Drugs, I wasn’t doing them, but I suspected that it was because that Church had a large group of young Teen and Pre-teen girls that didn’t need the exposure of a trash can Teen Mother Kid.

When I came to church with my baby all the girls wanted to hold him and do what little girls like to do with babies.
So, I moved on… Without the support of a Church or family or any kind of guidance.

Then my Second child came along when I was 19 years old, well, he was a married man.

Then I met my First Husband… I’m home free!! So I 💭🤔 thought.

By the end of that marriage I had terminated 3 pregnancies, been beaten, drug across the Country to Los Angeles and back again. I was 24 by that time, and hell started in on my own children…
I did the best that I could do with little or no guidance in my life.

I cried out to God, there has to be better than this mess in life, there just has to be. I had gone back to my Oldest son’s Dad.. and he was far worse than he was in times past.
He had to go to jail for physical assaulting me.

Thank God for that!

Again the alcohol and this time marijuana was involved.

But, when I cried out, something begin to change… My dreams got Vivid, people started to witness to me… God was allowing things to take place that Only I knew and only God knew about.

I was disturbed to say the least.

Then I made the decision to Call my Elder Pastor, 12 years had passed he barely remembered me.

We met, I told him what was going on. The dreams and this certain person showing up in my life that I prayed for reconciliation with.
It Just had to be God!! No other person knew how much this certain issue troubled me.

So he encouraged me to come back to church and to my astonishing surprise! Guess what! That person was attending the Church!

I got to reconcile with this lady, we were child hood friends and she suffered far more than I did.. My heart was healed.
I repented, was baptized in Jesus Name and was filled with the Holy Ghost at the age of 26/27.

Any mistakes from that time forward was of my own rebellion.

I suppose, I just needed to get that off my chest.

I was a lost little girl that got kicked along down the road because I was a trash can kid.

So many things could have gone wrong.

A pimp could have gotten me, a drug dealer could have gotten me! I could have ended up in Prison. I could have ended up dead, the list can go on and on.

I’m 55 years old now, and God knows I made some serious mistakes in life.

I’ve had to travel down some Very Dark roads without God and with the judgement of “man” on my life.

God has come though for me Time and Time and Time again.

The next time a lost trash can kid shows up!
Please, in Jesus Name, don’t kick them down the road.
Do your best to mentor them.
Stay in their life as much as permitted.
Because, as their life begins to grow and adulthood comes around, the World will expect them to make mature decisions.

I’m sorry to say this, but many times ladies have it hard. Even though they had life tough they really want stability.
So they seek validation from men hoping they are accepted, especially the young ladies who had no good Father figure in their life. Usually they do things to try and make him happy, hence they get deeper in trouble.

There in is the Jaws of Satan, they want better. They want to know how to make wise decisions because if they are taught how to make good wise decisions, they won’t be subjected, alcoholics, Drug addicts, pimps and beatings or any of the like.
But, they get kicked down the road or badly abused.

How can they be fixers if they they Don’t know how to Fix.

I’ll say it again, The next time a lost trash can kid shows up!
Please, in Jesus Name, don’t kick them down the road. Do your best to mentor them as much as you can.

Thanks for reading my story.

God is so Good to me!

Joanna Ligon

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