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I was a needle Junkie

I was a needle junkie pushing dope and morphine n every drug I could melt down into my veins. I was a smoker for 18+ years I was refilled with the Holy Ghost quite a few times. Never stayed..Till last August. There’s alot of shame in my story but there’s so much love and grace. I am here because of Jesus. I am here because of his mercy his grace! My story is to show Gods love and Glory and jus how far he goes to save!!! I will never stop telln that. I was that backslider that grew up on a church pew and walked away from God at a young age!! Went so far into drugs I found myself at the other end of the needle!!! I kno the Holy Ghost is REAL. I KNO the power of addiction but I kno the power of deliverance!!! When the Devil comes against me using everyone and every tactic he can, I am quickly reminded of where he brought me from!!! So if a radical Christian is what I’m called then by all means!!! While yall talk about me I’m praying for yall. I jus want to be something for Jesus and my kids for once in my life. And i will because of Jesus!! I jus wanna add to this there is sooo much more shame than I could even begin to express because of lifestyle I chose. And I was that person searching and looking for ones that got out. Reading everything I could for hope. So let my story be one of hope for you, your family your children or someone who mayb goin through addiction. I’m praying for ALL ADDICTS!! There is a way out. You can absolutely do it with your own willpower. But most can’t. Drugs are evil demonic spirts to keep you bound!! Turn to Jesus he truly delivers and changes you!! 💯♥️

Here’s a poem a wrote!!
When yall look at me now and think that I am bound.
Look at me then, how I use to walk around.
Didn’t care how I looked, didn’t care who knew.
It was for that high anything I would do.
I was bound by them chains of addiction and sin
I withdrawled and ODed again and again.
I couldn’t start my morning without a shot or a pill
I may of had a smile on my face but it wasn’t real.
I should be in the grave, burning in hell today
But the I AM said there’s another way.
The smile I have now is from Jesus who loves me.
You see he had mercy cuz he seen who I would be.
That cross he died on was for all of our sins
The blood that he shed covered them all for all men
So if your lost in that hell and darkness, know I was to.
Give Jesus a chance and you will see what he can do.
The darkness that you feel has swallowed you whole
God can use for his glory and save your soul! ❤️
©Jenn Maddox
Jan 31,2020
4 years sober

Jenn Maddox

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