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6Good eveniing Fred Fory Jr…I’m Finally able to post Chad’s Story a STORY of HOPE thru JESUS CHRIST that shows how God GETS the GLORY and the the ENEMY LOSES…I’m posting my testimony of my son Chad and my journey from 5 years ago on a tragic August day when i would get that call EVERY parent don’t ever wanna receive..your son has been involved in a tragic accident and ma’am I’m sorry there’s NO HOPE..lifesupport no brain activity no response for 5 days ..we are sorry the id”s were all over the place and non recognizable of some passengers but we finally found who your son was and connected him with your husband’s shop thru Facebook! You might wanna bring in a Chaplin when you come to help you say good bye and make the decision as well as tell his siblings or anyone else they may wanna figure out how to get up here to UTAH to say their goodbyes while they still have him plugged in..
All this to tell of GOD’S GLORIFICATION thru my son and my OBEDIENCE to STAND in FAITH and BELIEVE…
I BELIEVE some of us here on earth have an important assignment that the enemy KNOWS is very POWERFUL to the Kingdom and has been after since the day of conception as my son Chad has been targeted even before birth…see this would be the second time in his life I heard NO LIFE..NO HOPE
at 3 myths of conception I was told NO LIFE can’t find life on the scans or monitors…NO HOPE..we are scheduling an abortion to keep you from dying because you will bleed to death if you carry further in the tubes😭 HEARTBROKEN and ANGRY I told them NOPE I DONT BELIEVE you my GOD SAID this CHILD WILL BE GREAT. .which by the way I heard these words that tragic day in August 2016…
I left the Dr office screaming at God..YOU SAID AND I BELIEVE but they won’t BELIEVE ME SOOO DO SOMETHING GOD..JESUS!!! SHOW THEM LIFE LIKE YOU SAID I AM CARRYING and HE DID…HE had Chad do a complete flip-flop in my tummy SO as EXCITED as I could be SCREAMING THERE IS LIFE INSIDE THIS CHILD WILL BE GREAT Looking like a CRAZY young girl running back into the Dr office I demanded another test and thank God my Dr was a Believer in the Miracles of our ALMIGHTY GOD he did the heart monitor again and CRIED with me SHOUTING THERE IS LIFE THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Fast forward from 1988 to 2016

August 6th 2016
TBI..JANE DOE..why JANE? because they already had his organs assigned to a female 😥

Walking into a room where I had no clue what I was walking into and not quite ready for the image that dropped my heart..my son’s body from the top of his head to tip of his toes wires and tubes coming out if every part of his body…BUT GOD..HIS VOICE SPOKE LOUDER than the image I was seeing..again I heard..THIS CHILD WILL B5E GREAT …and so I chose to BELIEVE these words instead of the voice of the enemy using the Nurse in that room saying he can’t Hear you but it’s OK to say what you need to allow peace to make this decision to take him off this machine keeping his organs alive…
I told her I didn’t wanna hear negativity that I want there to say goodbye but just the opposite to see GOD BREATHE the BREATH of LIFE into my son on this 6th DAY as He did that 6th day he BREATHED life into Adam…and my daughter and I began to lay hands on NOT TBI JANE DOE but CHAD WADE BESSON the CREATION God created on October 3rd 1988 in which we informed and demanded they refer to him as this and NOT TBI as that was NOT my son!!! We demanded the WORD OF GOD STAY OPENED IN THAT ROOM and my YOUTH from our Church sent Hans made cards and scripture pictures we posted ALL OVER his room as we announced not just his room but that whole floor where he was and then began to STAND in FAITH on the WORDS we heard the Lord say…my daughter and I leaned over Chad and said to him Chad its up to you to USE what’s inside of you the POWER of the Holy Spirit to SHOW thesse people WHO GOD IS ..we need you to respond so sneeze momma or kimi’ s hand in which he twitched then squeezed his sister’s hand. ..we jumped for joy and told the Nurse but the ENENY rose his ugly head and said NOT A TRUE response we need his eyes opened…shocked but BELEIVING STILL..I heard open the eyes of my heart. .so I told my daughter we gotta sing this song and we leaned over him and sang OPEN THE EYES OF MY HEART in which his eyes fluttered and tried to open to focus so again we jumped with joy but again the ENEMY rose up!! NOT A TRUE RESPONSE just TBI reaction of nerves!! Frustrated but STILL BELIEVING.. I leaned over to whisper in his ear to which I was then told DONT TOUCH HIM his BLOOD PRESSURE IS RISING..so NOW IM REALLY EXCITED but she don’t understand why i am when she says,” he could die ma’am 😳REALLY are you SERIOUS I replied but DIDN’T you say he was ALREADY DEAD…well ma’am if my son is gonna meet Jesus today then I want him to KNOW HIS MOMMA was here AND from there it just GOT BETTER AND BETTER.. he responded more and more but IT wasn’t coming up on their scans to which I replied I DONT CARE WHAT YOUR SCANS ARE SHOWING BUT I CARE WHAT MY GOD IS DOING…the pics below say the rest and we walked out in 7 weeks with about 80%in tact and we are stILLl in HEALING process but from he will NEVER DO ANYTHING FOR HIMSELF much less have be able to have his own family life again him living a new life with a beautiful little family God chose for him! His memories are still coming in and he gets a little confused at times..as well as has outburst as his filter is gone pretty much so he just says EXACTLY what’s on his mind without being able to completly control but he is gaining more control over those as well…so I pray that
Our Testimony will bring HOPE to you & your family Fred as well as others who are seeing this Post to CONTINUE TO PRAY & DONT FAINT! LUKE 18:1

You can see more pics of Chad’s step by step miracle unfold before your eyes by finding the album titled On the 6th day posted on my face book page Mary E Brown

Mary E Brown


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    Thank you so much for your testimony. Hopefully it will help someone.
    God Bless you and your family.

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