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Darren’s testimony. I have had many

Darren’s testimony

I have had many people ask me why I believe so strongly that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh… I’ve showed them verse after verse in the Bible to try to explain and help them understand… But Trinitarians always come back with verses that they believe backs up what they believe… Well here is the whole of it for me…. I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church.. I was raised to believe in The Father, Son and Holy Spirit as being 3 seperate persons making up 1 God head… That was all I ever knew, I was taught to confess with my mouth and believe in my heart and I shall be saved… I had never seen anybody ever receive the Holy Ghost and did not even know that we can be Baptized in the Holy Ghost… I lived a not so good younger life and ended up in prison on some drug charges 21 years ago… While serving my time I had a whole lot of time to study and seek God and grow a relationship with Him… One night I decided to go to a different service than I was accustomed too… They were called 1 God Apostolic Pentecostals.. I had never in my life felt the Power of God so strongly or heard Preaching more Powerful in my life… I was caught up in the Spirit like never Before… It was Wonderful, Amazing and kinda scary all at same time… The Preacher, a man named Pastor Phillip Cooper Preached a message about 1 God and that Jesus Christ is that 1 and only God and that we all must Repent of our sins and be Baptized in THE NAME OF JESUS for remission of sin and We shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.?!## Needless I was confused.. That’s not what I was taught?? How could this be?? So that night I went back to my cell and I got on my knees and Prayed.. I cried out to God to Please show me what is true.. I begged Him.. I fell asleep praying with tears in my eyes… That night I had a dream, or vision call it whatever… But in this dream I was standing looking at a Huge white throne that was floating in front of me, and from that Throne there came a deep voice and it said to me, I AM THE LORD THY GOD AND BESIDE ME, then the voice stopped and I looked to each side of the Throne. I could plainly see nobody else was there, then the voice said, BESIDE ME THERE IS NONE OTHER… The voice went on to say, THE TRINITY IS A FABLE DEVISED BY MAN…. I then woke up in a sweat and speaking in tongues… I immediately started Praising Jesus for coming to me and Showing me who He Truly is… I was soon after Baptized in Jesus Name and received True Baptism of the Holy Ghost.. People can believe it or don’t, it’s their choice to make.. But as for me and my house, We will follow Jesus as our God and Savior All of the days of our lives… God Bless you all and I pray somebody needed this testimony.. They must.. Lol… I never write this much..😄

Darren Counts

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